N.A. Marino

N.A. Marino is an unapologetic, loud mouthed, East coast Jew. He recently moved out from under the shadow of Manhattan, and into the shadow of Mount Hood, in Portland, Oregon. He rolls fat joints, and doesn’t smoke bongs or BHO. Marino’s first foray into writing was as a poet, publishing his work in several litterary magazines throughout middle school and high school, eventually publishing a book of foul poetry, which can be viewed online and enjoyed by all. A cannabis enthusiast and activist, N.A. strives to bring a sense of self awarness to a cannabis conversation that he feels often lacks a context to most users. An avid proponent of Roots Rock Reggae and Grateful Dead music, Marino enjoys sunrises, sunsets and a good rain and snow. When he is not cooking kosher-vegetarian food at rainbow gatherings, Marino can usually be found cooking kosher-vegetarian food somewhere else.