J. Colin Denning


After leaving his working class town on Long Island in 2003, J. Colin Denning spent a year travelling the southeastern United States with the AmeriCorps NCCC program, living, working, volunteering, and drinking his way across Dixieland. After his tenure with the program, a series of rash decisions led him to arrive in Chicago, where he still resides today with his wife and two spawn.

J. Colin Denning also undertook a pet project in 2010, which was the publication of an eclectic poetry collection. In 2011, “Where Fuddled Hounds Slept: The Found Writings of a South Shore Lunatic”, was released by Outskirts Press. Copies of which are still available here on Amazon.

Denning writes his own editorial blog, ” LunaTic Tic Boom”,  which can be seen at southshorelunatic.blogspot.com. All are welcome to visit the site and involve themselves in a rational discourse on the topic(s) at hand, or general trolling is also welcomed.