Christopher Hinton

Christopher Hinton


Christopher Hinton is an entrepreneur in Portland, OR and the acting editor for our publication.

Christopher is a passionate proponent of freedom, small business, and the lost art of the American way. He is the inventor of the mobile app “15MinuteGoals”, creator of the home workout system “The Kickboxing Underground”, and the co-founder of the “Marijuana Free Press”.

He is a prolific author with topics on small business, entrepreneurship, exercise, life advice, and more. His writings can be seen on Quora, Ezine, AllExperts, and Yahoo Shine.   (Ok, Yahoo Shine doesn’t even exist anymore, does it?)  He has numerous partnerships with entrepreneurs across the globe. (Well, maybe 6 or 7. Not really “numerous”, but we’ll let him slide…)

He enjoys mentoring younger entrepreneurs and fine-tuning older ones.  Yes, he has a lot of opinions.   I know, right…..?
His driving passion is adding value to people’s lives and businesses.  In fact, that’s all he ever talks about! Sheeesh!!!