Adam Rhodes

Adam Rhodes is a glass collector, entrepreneur, and artist dedicated to cannabis.


Adam is also a fine cannabis sommelier who loves to be engaged in creative projects and scientific research. He has written content for many companies when he isn’t producing content for the Marijuana Free Press through his business His company provides a host of services for businesses across the United States but who is he?

Adam was raised in a large family in rural Nevada and home-schooled all through growing up. A determined and studious nature helped Adam enter the aerospace industry after several years of touring the United States. He finally settled in Oregon because of the beautiful clouds the nearby mountains create and the abundance of high quality cannabis.

In 2006, Adam worked at Lancair International building experimental aircraft out of composite materials and soon became lead builder of their most expensive and powerful design. Adam was an customer instructor at Lancair in composite design and air-frame construction. When the crash of ’08 happened, there was little demand for high performance experimental aircraft. He had the opportunity to work for Boeing and Cessna but refused to give up cannabis.

While building planes for a living, Adam started his first official business. His online sales portal developed a small list of clients and was on the way to replacing his income before the financial collapse closed many of the large employers in his area. The devastating loss of hundreds of jobs was common throughout the states in 2008 and his business was unable to stay afloat. At the same time Adam had to close his new business, Lancair closed their build department.

Facing complete financial ruin, Adam decided he needed to go back to school.

He gave Nevada a shot but after some shady dealings by an employer, he was on his way back to the beaver state. Knowing that education is a key difference maker, he enrolled in community college shortly after leaving Lancair. Having never set foot in an official school before, he was terrified. His placement scores reflected his massive vocabulary can command of the English language as well as his weakness in algebra.

Adam threw himself into his studies. He plowed through his classes, completing every writing course available to him as well as the highest level math/science classes he could find. He spent a full year making daily trips to the tutoring lab until well into the night. His hard work paid off too in a deep and thorough understanding of scientific methods and principles. He then applied that understanding to his lifelong study of humanity and society. He quickly moved through his studies and engaged in high level coursework in science and social studies.

Adam attended Central Oregon Community College year round until he graduated with an Associate’s degree. He then transferred to Oregon State University where he studied towards a Bachelors specializing in Chemistry and Anthropology. He craved knowledge and constantly pushed himself, he worked through his challenges. It was during his time at COCC and OSU that Adam realized he had more than a passion for language, he had a gift for writing.

In 2013 Adam left school and rejoined the work force.

He got into the printing technology field and stayed there for several years. He eventually became the VP of sales for a local printer supplier. While the printing industry had paid his bills, it left him dreaming. After careful consideration and with his beautiful wife’s support, he decided to pursue his love of cannabis and enter the Marijuana arena. With the encouragement of his amazing wife, Adam began his writing as a creative outlet as he helped launch a dispensary.

Adam Rhodes continued writing for several months before joining the Marijuana Free Press team. Since then, he has been unstoppable and tenacious. Adam has recently become a co-founder of the MFP and also runs his own blog called The Strain Domain. He has produced a constant river of content for the MFP that has helped us developed a strong following. He is constantly learning about cannabis and sharing that info with his readers.


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  • November 10, 2016 at 10:36 am

    WE are a manufacturer of nylon bags that are being used in the CA grower part and would like to expand our business in the Cannabis Industry in Oregon.
    We are selling through a distributor in CA and would like to do the same in Oregon.
    My question is who can I contact to further this discussion.
    Thank you,
    Bob Cullen
    Vac Pac Inc
    (214) 912 1465


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