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At the Marijuana Free Press, we strive to provide content tailored toward every element of the cannabis industry, by a diverse range of artists, writers and industry leaders.  Our website has grown in both readership and in the amount of great contributors who help make it full of rich, quality content.

If you are in the cannabis industry and are interested in advertising on our website or becoming a sponsor of a particular recurring segment, please contact us!

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  • The MarijuanaFreePress has been growing steadily over the past year and is here to stay!   We will continue to update our numbers on this page each month for your convenience.
  • In our latest completed calendar month, Aug 2016,  we had 4,600 Visits.  Our Viewership has been on a steady increase since inception, and with the addition of an exciting new weekly podcast, as well as a few ebooks soon to be published on our site, we plan on rapid growth for the foreseeable future.  Come be a part of it!

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