The Median: Tea & Cookies


Sha’rell is this real petit lovely aspiring cream mealanated model I met through my good friend Jade. She lives up the street from my families house in Compton, CA. Her house is in that hub right behind the Food-4-Less on Roscranes Blvd & Central, literally you can hope her back yard and be in the parking lot. You met Travell, or TJ or Don 🙄, in my last PotCast. That’s my play sister and who’s car we sitting in, aka the new broomstick. Yeah we in that new black thang, in front of Sha’rell’s house about to review some Platnium Cookies. It’s the strain I smoked all day running errands before I left to go back home to Oakland the next day. She was suppose to be the first PotCast original, 😒😚, but had a shoot so we moved it to next day. It’s like 2 pm and a nice 80 degrees in Compton, so we chuffing with the windows down. Please, enjoy as we talk about everything from the breakdown of Platnium cookies to walking and rolling a blunt because we talented. 😜




Dupree Stansell, commonly known by his pen name, D. Gatsby, is a Lifestyle and Urban Development blogger from Los Angeles, California. On his blog, "Les Mondaines" he covers everything from Pop-culture to modern day wise-craft. His unique writing style is both captivating and informative. Now contributing to Marijuana Free Press, Dupree plans to entice readers with some of the best medicinal articles, political reports and dispensary reviews on the West Coast. Subscribe to Marijuana Free Press at to see what D. Gatsby is up to next! Instagram: gatsbywitvh MassRoots: gatsbywitvh Twitter: gatsbywitvh

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