Polls in Florida, Arizona Find Mixed Support for Cannabis Initiatives

A pair of newly-released polls indicate that many residents of Florida and Arizona are supportive of measures that would expand access to legal cannabis in their states, the each state’s levels of support vary widely.

In Florida, a new survey released by WESH 2 News/Public Policy Polling found 69 percent of the state’s likely voters supportive of an amendment to the state constitution that would expand access to medical cannabis. Only 24 percent of voters said they would oppose the measure — Amendment 2, also known as the Florida Medical Marijuana Legalization Initiative — and 7 percent were unsure.

The Florida initiative seeks to expand the list of medical conditions eligible to be treated by medical cannabis. The proposed list includes post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), HIV/AIDS, and epilepsy, among others. The amendment would not broaden enable the state’s citizens to access recreational cannabis.

The measure on the Arizona ballot, however, is a different animal. The initiative — known as Proposition 205 — seeks to legalize recreational cannabis statewide.

According to a new poll released by the firm Data Orbital, the Arizona measure is in for a photo finish when voters go to the polls in November: The survey found that 44 percent of likely voters were in favor of the initiative while 45 percent were opposed. The 1-point difference falls within the poll’s 4-point margin of error.

The poll also found that Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican nominee Donald Trump are also statistically tied in the state, at 43 percent and 42 percent support, respectively. According to George Khalaf, the president of Data Orbital, the outcome of both the cannabis question and the state’s vote for president will come down to those who ultimately turn out to vote.

“[M]any races will come down to the age and party of voters that turnout,” he said in a statement. “Prop 205 continues to ride generational and party lines and will come down to ballot turnout.”

John Winston is a New York City-based journalist writing for the Marijuana Free Press and a media advisor for nyvapeshop.com.


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