Coup on the White House Imminent

Can you believe Trump Threatened a coup if he doesn’t get his way?!

I just got done watching the third presidential debate and I have to admit that I am astounded by the country I live in and at the same time entirely impressed. We all watched Hillary and Donald go on stage and wage war against each other. The verbal joust that followed was both terrifying and infuriating to say the least.

I had to take several dabs during the 1 &1/2-hour debate just to keep from exploding at the TV. I chose to toke on some Critical Kush wax that came in at 78.57%THC and 0.44%CBD from Dr. Jolly’s in Bend Oregon. I found the hybrid effects to be quite calming and it helped me calm down enough to filter through the nonsense spouted during this tense debate.

Growing up in a conservative religious  household, I have heard many of the conspiracy claims brought up during the debate. They are the views of the Alternative right wing of the republican party. As the political base following Trump is predominantly the racist and religious, I feel he is actually a third party candidate. His values are out of step with the mainstream party but he speaks to the fear propagated through the alternative right.


Donald Trump uses the real fear and pain experienced by people left behind in our political process to galvanize his support.

He makes everything an attack in the way that only a narcissistic bigot with a waste dump for a mouth can. There is a large and now self-identified portion of the American population that believes and agrees with his views. While the republican party has worked hard to pretend it isn’t the racist bigots party, the curtain has been pulled back to reveal a dark and seditious divide.

Donald has shown repeatedly that he favors a totalitarian viewpoint with him as the messianic personification and sole arbiter of truth. From praising leaders like Vladimir Putin to claiming that global warming is a hoax perpetrated by the Chinese, his views reflect a specific subset of the American population; evangelical Christians.

The evangelical Christian voting base has decided they want Donald Trump as their Supreme Leader. A sexual predator, a bigot, a misogynist, a person with so little character that he threatens a coup if he isn’t elected, is the person many people want running things.


Civil war is exactly what many of his supporters want in this land.

I say land because these individuals clearly want to end not only this country but the entire world. While America may have the strongest military on earth right now we have made enough enemies that trying to leave NATO and go it alone is retarded. Look at how North Korea is handling things right now and you will get an idea of what Trump and his supporters are proposing. Actively trying to blow up the world hasn’t been a traditionally good political position to take but it is one Trump and his followers actively entertain.

When pressed about accepting the results of the election during the debate, Trump told the world ‘I will tell you at the time. I’ll keep you in suspense.” This is one of the most dangerous things to come out of a political leaders mouth in generations. This is an open threat to create a civil war where millions of citizens will ultimately die. Just so a narcissist can say he is the best at running for president.

They want to “rise up” and “take back” their country in the name of their religion. Trumps supporters want to instill laws based on their religious texts and do away with racial and gender equality. They want to go back to the days of slavery and witch burnings. The real thing Trump and his supporters are advocating is genocide and the end of our republic in its entirety. It is their right to want to bring about the destruction of America and the world as a whole but I refuse to stand aside.Republican U.S. presidential nominee Donald Trump listens as Democratic U.S. presidential nominee Hillary Clinton speaks during their third and final 2016 presidential campaign debate at UNLV in Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S., October 19, 2016. REUTERS/Mark Ralston/Pool - RTX2PLUT

We still have a few days for people to process what they are really advocating with their vote.

They are advocating a coup attempt at best and a civil war at worst. We all know that both Donald and Hillary are not going to be making life any easier for stoners across this country. We will either lose our privacy or our lives depending on who actually gets into the white house this term. This final debate really showcased who and what is at stake.

Trump got called out by Clinton as being a Russian puppet and he responded with a weak denial followed by lining out how he wants to align with the Kremlin. He was charged with high treason and his retort boiled down to him saying the same thing 6 year olds say when insulted “no you”.

The Donald reiterated how good it would be for America to “get along” with Russia throughout the debate. Instead of the focus of Trumps rebuttal being centered on reassuring America of his allegiance, it was focused on talking about how little respect Putin has for Clinton. He couldn’t bring himself to even admit that Russia has cyber attacked the states, something painfully clear to anyone who isn’t trying to protect the Kremlin.

It wasn’t an entirely one sided bashfest either. Trump brought up many of the reasons voters have a record disapproval rating for Hillary. Things like the e-mail scandal and pay-to-play politics are real issues that have disenfranchised millions of people and really undercut her claims of sincerity. Trump said what most Americans want to hear, that modern politics and politicians are full of scammers. And he should know!


Trump managed to iterate that what most Americans are feeling about both candidates.

Namely that the government isn’t not working for the common man and billionaires are allowed to get away with anything. Law enforcement routinely shoot and kill citizens, whole states like California are getting drained of drinkable water while fracking and pipelines threaten what little people have left. Trump is only one of the many people who take advantage of others in the most heinous ways possible.

Many times what wealthy people like Trump do is illegal, like when Wells Fargo defrauded millions of people but not a single executive was punished in the way that thousands of low level employees were.  When they get taken to court, they either settle without admitting guilt (as Trump has done in many of the over 3500 times people have been pissed enough to press charges) or work to make court fees and proceedings against them unsustainable.

Trump isn’t the only candidate who gets treated differently than normal people by the court system. Mishandling classified documents has resulted in thousands of people getting sent to prison. Yet when Hillary is caught mishandling classified info, she gets cleared by every agency out there so she can go on to be president. Someone being investigated by the FBI yet still running for president and winning  seems ludicrous to most people who have dealt with the ‘Justice’ system.


Obtaining justice is a real problem in our country.

Our legal system has proven that only some people get punished for committing crimes. We the American population, don’t trust that Clinton is going to protect the population. When she has routinely helped big international corporations over the citizens that have entrusted her with great authority, can you blame voters for being hesitant? Trump knows that she is weak on corruption and hammered it home like a pot calling the kettle black. All the while threatening a coup if he doesn’t win.

Clinton was accused of being a pay-to-player throughout her time in office by Trump. She wasn’t able to deny the accusation as the leaked emails prove the accusation to be true. He claimed the Wikileaks data dumps showed she was unfit to govern. When Clinton was pressed about taking contributions from outside governments like Saudi Arabia in exchange for favors, Hillary replied by deflecting.

She tried calling foul on entities trying to disrupt and influence the election. Clintons claim of interference did little to address the issue of unequal enforcement. It did manage to deflect the conversation towards areas that Donald is especially weak on.  His response of vitriol and malice seemed impotent as he struck back at the unrelenting onslaught by Clinton. His words of “what a nasty woman” will forever mark his bid for office as the most misogynistic display of American ignorance and racism since the fall of Hitler.

Even with the vitriol and disillusionment with the system created by this election, I fully expect Trump and/or his supporters to try and take control through a coup. Because of how everything is playing out, I feel like this country has had a real chance to see a third party candidate in action on the big stage, namely Donald Trump. He is the Alternative Right poster child and has managed to get himself on the ballot by hijacking one of the two spots our party system makes available. Now Trump is threatening to force a coup if he doesn’t get his way.

As a person and candidate, Trump is democratic poison with his threat.

He has all the hallmarks of a despot who will literally destroy the world in a blinding burst of gamma radiation. On the other hand, Clinton makes the invasive ‘Big Brother’ of 1984 look like an episode of the Andy Griffith Show. Other third party candidates like Jill Stein and Gary Johnson are marginalized just enough to play second fiddle to the mad circus of 2016.

I hope there is no coup in November but I fear that the fallout from this election is going to weaken and plague America for decades to come. With no good options available it can be easy to get discouraged about the process but we can’t let ourselves disengage. We are entering a new age of American politics and as a citizen stoner, I have the voting blues. Thanks for reading.


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