Strain Review: Gasoline Purps

We hear a lot these days about how high the THC concentration is compared to previous generations of cannabis.

There are a lot of reasons why that is but I wanted to focus on a strain today that was a little off the beaten path of commercialization. Cannoisseur strains like Gasoline Purps or Roadside Bomb might not have the global market appeal of high THC strains like Blue Dream or Strawberry Cough but their unique terpene profiles make them a special treat to consume.


Gasoline Purps is the love child of Sour Daddy Biofuel and some crazy Mendo Express.

Quantitative Genetics designed this hybrid over the course of several generations. QG has taken elements from powerhouse strains like Sour Diesel and Grand Fire OG. The resulting hybrid has a sativa dominant backbone the excites and stimulates while providing a pleasing level of cognitive sedation.

Source: Produced by Oregon Imperial Farms, this sample of Gasoline Purps has been organically grown and hand manicured before being jar cured. Their finishing process produced a terpene rich and chemically clean product. I found this strain at Central Organics in Madras Oregon. Madras is one of only two Oregon cities east of the Cascades to allow recreational sales of cannabis and Central Organics is the oldest dispensary in town. As a local favorite, they are able to provide some products that the other dispensaries just aren’t able to match. I will be picking up more of their specialty strains in the future for sure.


Labs:     THC: 12.6%    CBD: 0.06%     Tested By: Juniper Analytics

12% THC is low compared to most of the field, especially for an indoor operation. If this were a strain like Critical Cure or Jack Herer, I would not have much to say. Since this is Gasoline Purps, I have a bit to share about why we don’t see the select strains like Gasoline Purps as much.

People often base their dispensary purchases on the THC content of a product and call it good. People are busy and often don’t have the time or knowledge to differentiate beyond that. Store owners see the high THC products moving while the lower concentration items take up space. When those stores go to purchase new product, they work to make sure that they match the cost they pay to the return the get. Essentially businesses need to charge the highest prices for what moves the best and get that product at the lowest price possible.

This makes producers prioritize heavy THC producing plants over say heavy terpene production. Plants that produce lower THC get cut from the operation because customer demand is lower. Over time this narrows the field to only the exceptional producers. Cumulatively, this creates a potency level that slowly creeps upwards over time. Some strain profiles just have lower potential than others and even though they receive the same level of care as the more common strains, will never be as potent or big as their sister plants.


When every competitor is a titan, even great strains get set aside because they can’t compete on the same level.

Many dispensaries will simply refuse to purchase product that does not move well. Things like pipes, edibles and low potency flower are things that move slower than the rest. Convincing a store to offer a sub 20% THC flower can be a hard sell. I appreciate that Central Organics is willing to offer a product that is low in THC but high in overall quality. It is perfect for a new user or a person who is looking for that unique blend of flavors.

The Central Organics Crew

Flavor: Reminiscent of Sour Diesel, the fuel-like aroma of this flower is potent. Of the twelve flavors I had to choose from, this had the loudest smell. I took my time with all the strains available, carefully inspecting the jars for the cream of the crop. Strains like Cinex and Blue Dream had higher numbers but I was looking for something new.

I wanted to try something that was unique and flavorful. A flower with a terpene profile that screamed out at me was exactly what I wanted. I checked out some of the local dispensaries and wasn’t finding that special something. They had some decent product but were missing the cannoisseur choice, the specialty strain that can’t be found elsewhere.

Once I walked into the flower room of Central Organics I knew I had found my flower. Their wall of strains was far more impressive than the tiny jarred nugs that some dispensaries use to display their product. The open interior and wide selection of flowers made my pulse quicken as I felt my quest was coming to a close.


I found that they had a couple strains that peaked my interest.

Roadside Bomb,  Gasoline Purps, Ghost Train Haze and Boxcar Harley jumped off the shelf and demanded my full attention. It took many long minutes for me to decide on which one was going to be heading home with me. It finally came down to the smell for me. The potent and strong smell mixed with the great structure of the Gasoline Purps made me need to try it before the others.

The pungent gasoline smell billowed out of the bag as soon as I opened it and stuck around for a few minutes after I resealed the pouch. I was surprised to find the flavor of the smoke matched the flavor of the flower perfectly. The ash taste that accompanies burning flower was mild and the terpenes were intense. There was nothing in the way of crackling or popping from leftover nutrients because Oregon Imperial Farms flushes their plants of stored organic nutrients before harvest. I apreciated that care had been taken to remove as much of the chlorophyll as possible which resulted in a hit that had none of the harshness/bitterness that very fresh product often has.

Gasoline Purps 1

Structure: The solid Gasoline Purps nugs and excellent trim job come through to make this flower look beautiful next to products with higher numbers. The closely cropped nugs are solid and compress slightly under heavy pressure but pop back out almost immediately. The slight crackle of the flower shifting under my fingers is welcoming and offsets the sharp snap of the stem when I pull it apart. Every slight shift within the flower releases a new wave of potent terpenes.

The jar cure on this flower helps it stand out as a loud nug. The whole batch has an even level of hydration which helps it remain solid when breaking the gram peanut sized flowers apart. The stem broke at about 5 degrees and there wasn’t even a hint of crumble beneath it. The satisfying crackle as the stems snapped cleanly and the trichomes of the inner folds rip apart was music to my ears.

Gasoline Purps

Effect: The mental effects of Gasoline Purps make finding the right words difficult. Many people blame the THC for how cannabis makes them feel. While there is truth to the idea that more THC means a stronger high, there are more than one cannabinoid in cannabis. In fact, there are over 100 already identified by science. The specific concentrations of these cannabinoids along with the smell molecules called terpenes are what makes cannabis effect people the way it does.

The terpenes of this strain result in a mental fog that makes keeping a train of thought going very difficult. I found myself spacing out and trailing off in the middle of sentences the whole time I was smoking on this pretty flower.

The stone was very potent and engaged my social anxiety pretty heavily. I found myself somewhat panicked about having to talk to the pizza delivery people and eventually convinced one of my roommates to call for me. If you are a person who has anxiety issues, this might not be the ideal strain. If, on the other hand you are looking for something to help you chill out and enjoy some TV or gaming, be on the lookout for Gasoline Purps. Thanks for reading.



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