Strain Review: Boxcar Harley (High CBD)

Say Hello to Boxcar Harley.

This high CBD flower is the product of the commonly known Harlequin and the significantly less known Mendo Express. This combination was bred by Quantitative Genetics, an Oregon based seed company. While the Harlaquin is a sativa dominant strain, the Boxcar is a Indica dominant strain leaning towards hybrid expression. This Boxcar Harley expressed the High CBD production of the Harlequin and the piney flavor and high of the Mendo Express.


Source: Central Organics


I stopped by Central Organics which has become my favorite spot.

I picked up some high CBD flower in preparation for moving into a new house. I might not have the most or heaviest stuff in the world but what I do have to move is enough to put my back into spermatic fits by the end. I knew I needed something with a good amount of CBD to take the edge off after the heavy lifting.

I was pleased to find that Central Organics had a wide selection of connoisseur strains available. My tender was pleasant and well informed and I appreciated that the prices displayed included tax which is not as common as one might think in a state that doesn’t have sales tax. The Boxcar Harley purchase went through easily and the whole process was smooth and easy.


Lab: Juniper Analytics   THC: 6.45%    CBD: 10.4%


Coming in with twice the CBD as THC, this Boxcar Harley is a solid medical strain for pain relief.

The 6% THC provides a small amount of mental stimulation and isn’t going to overpower a consumer out of the blue. The 10.4% CBD provides a potent punch of pain relieving cannabinoids to the CB2 receptors.

Since CBD is non-psychoactive, this is a great flower to choose for people who need to be clear headed but still desire the healing effects of cannabis. CBD is known to; reduce nausea, suppress seizures, and reduce inflammation. CBD is also able to combat neurodegenerative disorders like Alzheimer’s, psychosis disorders like depression and schizophrenia and even kills tumor and cancer cells while it’s in there. Getting more of it in your body can make a significant difference for people fighting against common afflictions.


Smell: Piney, Ammonia, Sweet


The jar cure that Oregon Imperial Farms gives their flower makes the terpenes really come out on the Boxcar Harley.

The Cannabis smell is a peculiarity of this plant. Its aroma of cannabis does not originate from the cannabinoids. Instead the smell comes from the more volatile monoterpenes (single) and sesquiterpenes (multiple) which change over time or when heat is applied.

The dominant terpenes were Pinene and  Nepetalactone which is an odor that is considered unpleasant by most humans and is similar to an odorant found in feline urine. Nepetalctone is one of the main attractants and stimulants in catnip. It has also been shown in lab testing to be an active repellent for cockroaches, yellow fever mosquitoes and more 10 times more effective than the leading synthetic option.

Taste: Sweet, Woody

Boxcar Harley 1

There was no hint of sparkling or crackling as I roasted my nugs which indicates a good purge of residual nutrients.

The woody flavor of the Boxcar Harley was a nice contrast to the piney smell of the flower. The Myrcene really came out in the exhale and I even detected some spicy Caryophyllene. The flavor was wonderfully deep and brief. Once the hit was fully exhaled, the flavors subsided leaving me ready to reengage for another hit.


Structure: Tight bullet shaped nugs

This Boxcar Harley has wonderfully tight nugs that are too dense to smoke as is. A compact flower that is best enjoyed well ground, the terpenes and the medical benefit will be at their peak after exposing a bit more surface area. Whether vaped or smoked, I suggest grinding the nugs for maximum flavor and least waste. The added surface area makes a big difference on how dense and flavorful you can get the smoke.


Effect: There was not a noticeable head change the while smoking a single bowl. Although, when I was really high from a dab that turned out to be larger than I thought I was able to come down a bit by smoking some of the Boxcar Harley.

A friend of mine also tested this sample of Boxcar Harley along with me and reported that he cared about the level of pain he was experiencing from a shoulder injury less. Although it did not remove his pain the same way an opioid would, his overall comfort was level was much higher.

I really liked the Boxcar Harley and hope you try some as well and us know what you thought in the comments. Thanks for reading.


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