Astoria THC Fair Fun

The Astoria THC Fair is one of a new generation of fair.

The organizers and patrons are pioneers of their generation in that they are the first to engage with cannabis openly and legally in a lifetime or more. As pioneers, they are blazing trails and leading by example. They are organizing and celebrating cannabis openly and legally in festivals and events like the Astoria THC Fair.

astoria thc fair

I stopped in to the latest THC Fair in Astoria and talked to my contact: Naomi. As one of the organization’s leaders, her passion and dedication have been instrumental in the success of the Fair. Along with her core team, Naomi has helped spread the Fair up and down the West Coast as a new cultural event.

If you are unfamiliar with the THC Fair, let me try to explain it.

Like any good fair, the THC Fair is a special event that is held in states where recreational cannabis is legal. They are amazing advocates who help show the community what kind of talent is locally available and have informational seminars the whole time. With dozens of events under their belts in the last year, attendance is on the rise as awareness grows.


This was the first fair held in Astoria but they managed to fill the small hall with vendors and attendees. While Astoria was relatively small with only 45 vendors, others like their recent Corvallis event have had nearly one hundred vendors. Astoria residents came out in support with over 500 attendees checking it out in the first day.

I talked to a few people and was glad to see a good mix of demographics for the area and all of the attendees seemed to be chill and overall pleasant people. Most of the THC Fair attendees I talked to were trying to get a glimpse into some element of the mysterious world of cannabis. From non-users making sure there weren’t shenanigans going on to farm owners looking to learn about auto-trimmers like the Triminator.


I was delighted to find that the THC Fair had a diverse group of vendors filling the hall with the sights, sounds, and smells of cannabis. This time I saw some of the great products offered by High Mountain Organics (HMO) and Wax Lab Xtracts.

As a flower lover, HMO dazzled my nose and poked the strain hunter in me with a line of cannabis filled jars. Within each jar was a different flower with exotic names like Space Candy and Chernobyl. I took my time and enjoyed the variation of each strain. They were all excellent but the ability to compare them back-to-back was wonderful.


Wax Lab Xracts also had some great products although theirs was in the form of some Shishkaberry and specially designed wax containers. The large volume of the chest makes dropping a gram into it feel a little underwhelming but with the volume of wax I go through, it has become my go-to storage option for my extracts. I picked up an extra chest because they are cheaper at the THC Fair than normal thanks to one of the coupons that get handed out to all attendees.


At the THC Fair, various vendors selling smoking and vaping accessories are in ample supply. I saw small artists like the ceramic pipe company Living the Pipe Dreams displaying some unique and vintage smoking pieces. I had to pick up one of the Dragon pipes they had on display and love how the smoke will billow out of the dragon’s nostrils if I don’t clear it. There were also vendors peddling all manner of accessories and pipes and bongs but none made as big of an impact on me as the ceramic pieces from Living the Pipe Dreams.


There were also a range of horticulture & grow shops present. From distributors like My Urban Greenhouse to Seeds Here Now(SHN), there is more information and cutting edge gear present to make the most jaded tech junkie’s heart palpitate. I lost one companion for over an hour as he talked advanced nutrient and genetic jargon with the SHN guys.

The THC Fair is dedicated to activism and offers free seminars with entry.

The whole weekend gets filled with lawyers, scientists, inventors and doctors giving free seminars and answering questions. There are a few speakers that consistently travel with the fair but there are always local activists and enthusiasts that they include to help highlight options people have to engage socially.


I was able to find information about Measure 91 and the Oregon Sun Growers Guild (OSGG). The OSGG has been fighting to protect medical patients’ access to affordable medicine throughout the legalization process. Partly because of the efforts of the OSGG and its members, the Oregon State Fair was able to be the first state fair to engage with the cannabis industry. Getting to talk to the OSGG during the THC Fair was a real treat.

Dispensaries also engage with the THC Fair to varying degrees.

Some offer samples and prizes while others offer only information and the attendees love getting to connect with their favorite dispensary. The next THC Fair is going to be in October at the Riverhouse on the Deschutes, Bend, Oregon. The fair will continue offering two packed days:  Saturday 10-6 and Sunday 11-5.


I talked with Shiloh from Odin-Ray Farms (ORF) about the medicinal uses of terpenes and hemp cannabinoids.  While members also help found the Nectar of the Gods, ORF is all about using the documented and well-researched benefits of terpenes to provide medical relief. I loved that ORF specializes in THC-free capsules for people who would like the medical benefits of terpenes and cannabinoids other than THC.


One formulation from ORF that caught my eye had been designed to provide relief for cramps.

With four terpenes and three essential oils that work to reduce fluid secretions, relieve pain, and act as a mild sedative among other things, the capsules promised a natural and side-effect free method to deal with a common plight for half of the world’s population.

Some of my favorite booths to visit are the edibles booths. Companies like Kronic Korn and Miss Mack’s Medibles have been turning out award winning concoctions that delight the senses and provide a potent medical benefit for a while now and these companies had my favorite flavors and product lines. The THC Fair is great about offering a diverse group of medible producers at every event.


Kronic Korn (KK) uses specialty corn to provide the biggest and puffiest kernels for their 14+ flavors. I have gone back time and again for more of my favorite strawberry flavored corn and have been delighted with the mixed packs. In Astoria we picked up strawberry, watermelon, and pizza flavors. I am looking forward to getting more of these tasty and potent medibles at the Bend THC Fair on October 22-23rd.


Miss Mack is another of the companies that has caught my eye with the quality and consistency of their work. Miss Mack’s is focused on delivering great-tasting treats made with high quality ingredients. With a variety of high potency options, Miss Mack’s Medibles has the best rice crispy treats I’ve ever had.

I was intrigued to hear that Miss Mack’s is debuting a brand new product line. Instead of trying to improve the already delicious crispy treats they offer, they are getting to the final stages of launching their infused trail mix. I got my hands on a sample in Astoria and knew almost instantly when I was going to break into it.

The trail mix was a perfect snack for my road trip home (not driving) and I enjoyed the gooey goodness of the infused treat. My fingers were a little sticky as I munched on the walnuts and kiwi alongside white chocolate chips and peanuts. Miss Mack’s trail mix made the 5 hour road trip home that much more enjoyable.


I loved getting to talk to all of the people at the THC Fair and getting to try all the products that I don’t normally have access to. If you get the chance to attend their next event in Bend, Oregon on October 22-23rd or any of their other events across the country, do it. Check out the vendors and speakers and see for yourself what the THC Fair is all about. Thanks for reading.


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