Artist Spotlight: Joel Ewing, Part 2

I’m 24 and I live around the Salem area in Oregon. I’ve been interested in marijuana ever since I was introduced but more so later on cause I was young at first. 14. I had a lot of reasons to do so and would explain more but really don’t know how much you want/need to hear? Lol just let me know cause I am very enthused with going public but haven’t really done so. Mostly because I feel either inadequate or the audience is inadequate, never quite sure. – Joel Ewing



I have confidence that comes from struggling
Almost gave up with all these things I’ve been juggling
But the one thing to help me keep going
Is the marijuana that leaves no one knowing
Now I can sustain
All of you who are insane
With no one else being able to explain
The true and correct way we can train
Ourselves through all the times of pain
That’s being created when we complain
There is this life I see
Then there is the reality
The urge to grow like a tree
Because of all the brutality
I can feel your soul
And hear my name Joel
Wanting to become full
Cause everything to me is dull
I always knew there was something
Not right in a “normal” human being
Marijuana is therapeutic
Brings me closer to nature
And creates her own music
It relaxes my muscles and it calms my thoughts
My worry and negativity just stops
There’s nothing else to feel
But the high that will steal
The illusion of authority
Making you a minority
With an epiphany here and an epiphany there
I’m so stoned I can’t help but stare
Because I realize what’s truly fair
How Mary Jane don’t really care
She’s just doin her thing
Easing every little sting
Oh the wisdom she’ll bring
Makes me know I’m a king
What the Government makes legal
Usually tends to be so damn lethal
When I was a kid, I learned to go with what I feel
That’s why when they send me a draft notice, I say no deal
Cause I have the right to chose how I serve my country
And the only thing fighting has done is made me climb a tree
Meditate, feel no hate, and get away from the ones who cannot communicate
Another state I feel so great, now I know this is only for me to celebrate
Because I tried, when you lied, and it is my love for you that has died
Wanting to abide but you just had to hide compassion when I cried
So now I play, enjoying my stay, instead of getting angry every day
Your kind of way, I think just may, destroy everything you ever had to say
But I won’t stray, from my array, of what I truly have to portray.
We all have a “gift” inside of us
Everything that I see is a plus
Cause all it does is make me strong
Helping me to write the words to this song
When we let all these “things” in our head
It sometimes makes us wishing we were dead
That’s cause we lost aight
Of what exactly it is that’s right
To not have a single negative plight
So we can see what’s bright
And how our led is just so tight
The smallest things can bring so much light
Just live for God and then you might
Realize His actual height

View more of Joel’s work below:


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