Keep Prying Fingers Out of Your Cannabis

Have you ever wished there was an eco-friendly way to store cannabis? Davault Eco Bags have you covered.

I know the mountains of non-recyclable packaging that cannabis consumers are forced to use can be a hard pill to swallow for a community so dedicated to environmental protection efforts.  If you have children, teens or adults that you are trying to keep out of your stash, you should check out the DaVault. This smoking case is the answer to so many problems that I instantly fell in love. Check out these classy and secure smoking cases.

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I got to talk to Patricia and discuss how she came up with the design and some of the struggles she has overcome to get as far as she has. Today, Patricia Summers is a shining example to those who think the world could use some improvements. Patricia imbues all around her with the power of a personal vision and dedication to sustainability.

When I talked to Patricia, I could instantly tell that she has put her mind, body and soul into this project. The passion in her voice when talking about her customer’s needs made me feel simultaneously self-conscious and inspired. I put a lot of thought into the content I choose to bring forth but rarely do I find someone who is so motivated by social responsibility.

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From her use of sustainable materials to thoughts on society, Patricia is all about doing what she can to provide people with an alternative to one-and-done packaging. Just ask her about the waste that disposable containers represent and you will be blessed with a wealth of information. I found myself enraptured by her passion and knowledge on the subject of sustainability. But sustainability is not the only thing that she is passionate about.


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Patricia is an entrepreneur on a mission. She wants to “Put a dent in the waste” created by the disposable packaging surrounding cannabis. As a child of the 60’s and 70’s, Patricia was disgusted by the amount of waste cannabis-packaging laws would cause to be generated. As a socially responsible single mother, she knew creating a better world for her boys would be an uphill battle but one that she couldn’t leave to the status quo. That didn’t stop her though, it challenged her to up her game. She met the challenge with her typical positive attitude and determination. I met up with the woman herself and asked her about how she got started down the road of challenging the disposable container industry.

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To hear her tell it, “It all started in 2014 when Colorado legalized cannabis. My family and I were watching the news about packaging requirements for cannabis when I realized that none of the options available to retailers was recyclable. As someone who believes that we are all in this together, I was disgusted at the thought of how much needless waste was going to be created through these packaging methods.

“When I cried out in frustration ‘I don’t understand why nobody has invented an eco-friendly container!’ My children challenged me by saying, “So why don’t you make one Mom?” I laughed it off initially but the suggestion nagged at the back of my mind and I decided to do some research. That night, I found out that there are over 20 million baggies put into landfills daily (a fact that disgusts me to this day).”

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She woke up the next day with a fire burning in her soul. She knew what needed to be done. She dug out the old 1960’s era sewing machine her mother had left her and realized that she had no idea if it even worked, much less how. Instead of doing what the majority of us do and let it drop there, Patricia wasn’t going to let a little thing like learning a new skill stop her from moving forward.

So, she got the sewing machine and headed to the local sewing store. Her machine was so old that she needed the help of the store owner to find out that all the pieces were there and the machine was still operable despite being stored for a very long time. After a 4 hour crash course, Patricia was armed with enough knowledge to get started.

 Davault Bag 3

With nothing more than an idea, some hand-me-down equipment and plenty of fire, Patricia got to work. When I asked her about the design process she went through, she chirped up with:

“I knew I wanted to avoid plastics because they aren’t renewable and have it be small enough to take on the go. For size, I wanted it to be able to slip in a purse. I also needed it to be childproof so I felt a combination lock would be the best option. I also knew that it needed to be built for a more generic user because I wanted it to be able to function outside of the cannabis realm. 13 designs and countless little improvements later, I had Davault.”


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As a safety oriented product, I can’t afford to cut any corners when it comes to quality construction. I use a beefy zipper, Reinforce the join and top with bamboo. I reinforce the 550 para-cord loop SIX times so there is no way to rip it out. You can’t scrunch it up and work the zipper loose and there is no hole to have fingers or pills to slip through. People who have small children and are on powerful prescriptions need to be able to have a safe place to store their medications so that even if the lid comes off and things go everywhere in the bag, there is no chance for the medication to accidentally or purposely fall out without getting through the lock.”

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It has taken Patricia since late 2014 to get this far. Besides starting a business and taking on the whole disposable container industry, she is a single mother. With no other family nearby, it has been up to her to juggle the myriad of demands on her time. Finding enough time to do what she has is an organizational marvel in and of itself.

Davault Bag

I asked Patricia what her biggest daily challenge was. I was hoping to get a glimpse into the daily grind of her work and I wasn’t disappointed.

“With each bag taking me almost a full day to create myself (even with batch production) keeping up with demand is a real challenge. I am working with a new manufacturer to overcome the time investment and quality issues. I’m excited to get this part locked down so I can start accepting advanced or even custom Davault orders.”

I ordered a pair myself and am looking forward to getting my hands on a DaVault. Stop in at Cosmic Depot, 5th LMNT and Hempies.  Or drop in and check out her story before you order one from her site at   If you don’t I’ll sick this mad dogging robin on you. Look at him, he will mess you up bro. Better get a Davault and ditch the disposables before it’s too late.  Until next time, Thanks for reading.

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