Welcome to my review of, a California online medical marijuana recommendation website. Where in just a matter of 30 minutes you can easily and conveniently go through the process of obtaining a medical marijuana card for the state of California. Sounds too easy doesn’t it?

Ive been going to the doctor now for 28 years and I can honestly say Ive never once looked forward to it, however I was intrigued by PrestoDoctor and the ability to obtain my medical marijuana card without ever having to leave my couch. I tend to be skeptical and this was no different, but I figured “what the hell”, Ill check it out. My first impression of the website is that it looked very professional and easy to navigate, which was a pleasant surprise.

Once I clicked on Get Started, it took me to a screen where I put in my login details to create a new account, so far so good. The next screen asks you for some personal information, a debit/credit card, and the ability to upload a picture for your medical card (You can also easily snap a picture using your webcam). The whole process took about 4 minutes.

From there you need to upload some form of identification, which in my case I just uploaded a picture of my drivers license. Next they ask you to fill out some information regarding your medical history and what aliments you will be using marijuana for. This is the longest part of the process, but its relative, as it only took about 8 minutes to go through a very thorough check list of my past and current medical history. So far it had taken me a grand total of 12 minutes and I was now ready to book an appointment.

Booking an appointment was very convenient and they even had slots available that day, which was Superbowl Sunday, so talk about excellent service. So while most people were sitting on the couch drinking beer, the team at PrestoDoctor was helping patients. One thing I would like to add was how easy it was to go from one section to the other. To leave out any confusion, there are little green checkmarks next to each section, that way you know if you have completed them or still need to add additional information.

I set my alarm to go off 10 minutes before my appointment, in order to double check my webcam and mic were working, which are mandatory in order to use PrestoDoctor. Make sure before using the website to double check both those are working. In my case everything was good to go, so I logged into my account and awaited the doctors arrival.

The doctor arrived right on time and we began the appointment. This was my first ever doctors appointment over a webcam so I honestly had no idea what to expect. Two tips I would give would be to go somewhere where you’re alone, as some information you share could be personal, and to use headphones so you can clearly hear. The whole appointment lasted about 10 minutes and I went over some past prescriptions I had taken and how I used cannabis to get off of them. The doctor recommended some strains for my ailments as well as some essential oils she thought would work great. The doctor was extremely friendly and seemed to genuinely care about the information she was providing me, which was a great change of pace from what Im used to. The last few doctors Ive gone to were more worried about getting my money and getting me out the door, which really left a bad taste in my mouth when it came to healthcare.

After 10 minutes the doctor let me know that she would be writing me up a recommendation for cannabis and explained that it would be emailed to me right away in the form of a pdf and also that they would be issuing my card through the mail.

So for $69 and about 25 minutes of time I was able to get a medical marijuana card for the state of California. Overall the experience was great and I cant think of one thing about the process that I would change. In the future I hope that more medical facilities go to using Skype or some other form of video chat, as the ease of convenience was great.

If you are thinking about getting a medical marijuana card for the state of California, I would highly recommend, it will be the easiest and most convenient dr’s appointment you’ve ever been to.


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