Recently I went on a trip back out of the wonderland of legal weed, and some of the occurrences I kept running into were an interesting look at how people perceive this sort of thing. Coworkers and customers and friends alike all wanted to know what I was bringing, how I would bring it, how I was going to survive outside of the legal market, without my average steady access to “quality Colorado weed.” My answer, much to the disappointment of everyone I talked to, was that I wasn’t bringing anything. I had no intention of breaking the rules after constantly telling everyone dumb enough to ask me about how to fly with product not to do it, because it’s illegal, and moreover damages any chance we have of really getting this industry taken seriously.

I have plenty of people, customers and colleagues, tell me stories of forgetting there was a vaporizer in their purse or backpack and managed to get it to wherever their non-recreational destination was, without even realizing it. Some people have the odd desire to share with me all of the nonsense ways they have come up with for moving product across state borders, and I always reply with “Don’t talk to me about that, you’re endangering my job.” I even have people straight up ask me what is easiest to get onto a plane, and when I tell them to please kindly shut the fuck up, they respond apologetically and then ask me the SAME QUESTION AGAIN. What part of “YOU CANNOT LEGALLY TRAVEL WITH THIS.” are these people not getting?

But it all rolls back to illegal market carryovers. Its no secret that if you can get some decently priced concentrates or edibles or even flower, if you are dumb enough to smuggle flower these days, you can potentially make a high profit on these items in places that still don’t have access to things like properly dosed edibles or readily available concentrates that idiots are still blowing up houses making. So blinded by money or in a lot of tourist cases some kind of idiotic street cred dreams, people all want to know how they can continue living on the edge, fighting the man by taking a bag of medicated gummy bears disguised as normal innocent gummy bears (wow that was clever of you) back to their friends to show off.

Now granted, this shouldn’t be as big of a deal as it is. In theory, if we could trust people to be responsible with their chemicals, the mentality that whatever you could manage to bring with you probably wouldn’t amount to that much, but because THC is so sought after in places where there are still no good connections to get your potential medicine, resale is a huge issue. Not to mention a good majority of it is not being released to people who really need it, you’d get a much better turnover rate if you stood around some shitty music festival and threw random 10mg cookies at millennial strangers. And this is exactly why we can’t have nice things.

I honestly have not ever heard of anyone getting caught at the airport, though if I were them I would probably not be talking about it much either, as it’s possible they could get in trouble more so for the amount of people they’re not stopping. Even if you were to get stopped by security there’s also a good chance that you’ll just be made to throw away your product and move along. I was actually standing in line for the security checkpoint and saw them walking a dog up and down the line, and even though I didn’t have anything on me to worry about, it occurred to me that I had been wearing the same pants for a few days, both in the dispensary and at home smoking, which I’m sure I did right before going to the airport, and was wondering if the dog would be able to smell how saturated my clothes were. Luckily it didn’t seem to care, which was nice for me but worrying over all. Maybe I just smoke that many cigarettes. But as soon as I got to my destination everyone was asking what I brought, if I brought anything, if I could get them things. Everyone is against legal action against marijuana, and all I hear when I’m away from it is how everyone is just waiting for it to happen now.

But I encourage you not to move product. I encourage you to enjoy responsibly when you are here and take the hopefully positive experience you have back to your friends and family and representatives, try to help recreational flourish everywhere, rather than just trying to steal it from here. Just bring your experience, not chemicals.


2 thoughts on “NoFly

  • December 18, 2015 at 9:51 pm

    Love your writing, BudtenderK47. You are irreverent, funny and accurate all at the same time. Thanks for your contributions.

    • December 30, 2015 at 7:50 pm

      Thank you so much! I never can tell if I’m coming off too negative but I’m glad to hear it’s a good combo.


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